About Us

Why Do You Need Us?

We realize that formal education failed us all at a young age. Most of us did not receive proper education on balancing a check book, or the importance of interest rates to look out for BEFORE taking out a student loan, or even how to respond when receiving a collection notice. Financial ID will put the power back in your hands.

How Do We Remove All Negative Items?

We are disputing credit bureaus ability to report…..not whether or not an account is yours or not yours or whether the negative credit item is valid or accurate …….we are disputing whether or not the Credit Bureaus have what they are required by law to have on your account. YOU simply have this right! They are the agencies that are reporting your information to underwriters, loan officers, banks and so forth, not the creditors. Under F.C.R.A. law we are able to successfully remove all negative items from yo?ur credit profile.

Is It Only Credit Repair?

Nope. You will also learn how to build credit, make smart purchases, get out of the Rat Race, and the facts and fiction about law, entrepreneurship, budget, saving and wealth building.