As easy as 1, 2, 3

Financial ID’s programs stop harassing debt collection calls, unnecessary bankruptcies, and debilitating wage garnishments.

1. Decode Your Revenue

Let us decode your revenue to decrease your tax liabilities and maximize your take-home income. With the extra income decode your credit and invest.

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2. Decode Your Credit

Get rid of the past and inline your finances correctly for the future. We locate and verify the most important publicly accessible data about your financial identity information. This includes old address, phone numbers, employment, name variations, identity inquiries and analysis of personal financial identity information. This coaching sees results in 7 days! Boost your Financial Identity 10 to 50 Points.

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3. Jump Start Your Business

At this point money should no longer be an issue. You have more income, you know what needs to be done with your credit, now it’s time to accelerate. Take hold of the Financial ID business strategy which includes generational wealth planning, business funding and planning, asset accumulation, wealth protection, last but not least travel concierge.

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Build & Repair Credit Easily


Safe & Secure

We use industry leading AES-256 bit secure socket layers for secure & encrypted logins to protect you and your information with us.


Ease Of Access

In a rush or simply want to see a snapshot of your credit report status? Save a copy of our website as an app onto your phone to login quicker.


Know On-The-Go

View where you are with your credit, track our progress as we repair and build your credit, & access your dashboard for more information.

Budget Is Key

Start The New Year Right

The devil is in the details. Don't be afraid to learn your real numbers, we command it to write everything down that is coming and going. Help is waiting below.

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Build Credit

Jumpstart 2018 Today

Over 400 million people in America suffer from inaccurate information on their credit report. Learning how to manage and restart your financial journey.

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For The People

We Have Your Best Interest In Mind

We the people of FID invest with thought redefined by love for the people. We believe that technology is the key investment and that wisdom is a form of money.

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Financial ID & IQ Is Important

We strive everyday to turn 'bad' credit reports around & teach our loyal customers how to better manage their credit. Did you know about some of these details below?

Tax Grabs

Americans lose about 1/3 of their income to taxes.


Unknown Withholdings

80% of all employees have too much money withheld from their paycheck.


Lack Of Guidance

A vast amount of Americans have no idea how or where to get overall credit help.

Get the credit report you need.

You work hard, don't let your credit get in the way of getting ahead with your life.

Happy Clients & Media Journey

Some of our clients, work, & press.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is

We are Atlanta's premier investment group plus commercial, Social,and private, business consultants.


Why did you decide to become a business consultants?

As business consultants we felt we can have an accelerated impact on communities nation wide.


Are you credit repair company or business consultants?

We work mostly with service-based millennial entrepreneurs (Think the Key Maker on the Matrix), and we help them get clear how to get serious and wise about what to do with their business (they tend to be big thinkers who get stuck in their heads and need help getting out of the gates with their ideas). The proof is in our FACEBOOK Group!


Why do I need FID business consultants?

We meet skilled millennials struggling to figure out what to do after college. (Student Loan Riddled) Who have amazing skills, but had no idea what to do with them. We bring dreams in to perspective, assembling solution for your commercial, social, and private business,
Most training programs teach you the skills you need to master your craft, but teach NOTHING about the business side aka Credit. Millennials feel trapped by how they were taught to do things in their industry and are terrified of breaking the mold. With all these amazing people out here with amazing skills, struggling to produce more income. We knew there was a better way - a way that would let people do the work they love AND be able to do it their own way.


As my business consultant, what will you all do for me?

Most business owners have professionals in their corner.
They have accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, and others who help them with the services they need to survive and thrive.
We work with thousands of funding sources and offer every legitimate business financing program available today.
So we’ll go to work finding you financing that is custom tailored to your own specific needs … something we call the Favour of Balance."> Take our Business Funding and Branding intake >HERE


So, what is wisdom?

GOD: Ecclesiastes 7:12 KJV For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.

Get this new year onto the right track.

We are here for you and will guide you through every step of the way as we repair and build up your credit.